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Ads that Rock… Literally December 20, 2008

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Nivea lip and facial products teamed up with Duffy to promote their product lines, and aduffy-nivea-2 partnership such as this is beneficial for all of the parties that are involved. The television spots mirror the print ads, and feature songs by the band. One of my favorites, called “A Secret Kiss”, utilizes the song lyrics to promote a feeling of the exhilarating first kiss. By integrating ads for both the band and the product, the audience is being inundated with several products at once.

This is a great tactic for marketing; take a look at the attached ad that features Duffy’s lead singer – the ad also promotes her album in the copy. By mirroring the print ads with the television commercials, the marketing tactics are integrated and are able to reach a wider scope of targets.

Using songs in ads also allows the audience to make a correlation between a product and a sound. A study was completed regarding this notion; “The ability of music to create differentiating effects on subjects’ impressions of product endorsers and brands of an advertisement were examined based on the theory of ‘musical fit’. Depending on musical style, music can lead to significantly different impressions of the endorser as well as the brand without affecting general evaluations of the product” (Zander n.d.). When it boils down to the psychology of advertising, music fits right in the mix as songs can promote emotions. In the case of Duffy, her music is sensual and moving, which goes hand-in-hand with the promotion of lip products… and kisses.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for major rock stars to ‘sell out’ and use their songs in commercials. Back when rock and roll was about a revolution, it was looked down upon to commit the cardinal sin of selling out, but nowadays, advertising is like an art form unto itself. Songs can sell everything – think about car commercials that are plastered all over the TV – dirty rock songs sell big trucks; sexy jazz tunes sell classy Jaguars… all forms of multimedia can sell nearly anything – even emotions.





Music makes the world go ‘round December 2, 2008

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musicMobile marketing is one of the best ways to promote new music, as it is affordable, accessible and modern. There are factors that marketing professionals do have to face when it comes to this style of promotion, as music fans can be finicky once in a while. “The most pressing question facing mobile carriers, music labels and music service providers is how consumer behavior will evolve as mobile music transitions from a phase dominated by early-adopter, active music fans to one more influenced by mainstream, casual music fans” (Gauntt 2006).  Marketing professionals will have to delve deeper into the world of music to understand what makes the audience tick. Since music is an art form, it needs to be addressed as so – people are sensitive when it comes to their favorite sounds and the marketing campaigns should mirror these feelings.

The different mobile devices available also allow for a wide range of marketing techniques – sending out downloads via text message is a great way to get new sounds out to a plethora of consumers. Having a personalized ring tone is a ‘must’ for the modern generations, and if these tones are pieces of new songs from popular artists, a great promotion happens. Apple is more often than not on top of things in the marketing world, and the mobile scene is no different. The iPhone is able to handle sophisticated applications – music included. “Internet radio pioneer Pandora released an app that works seamlessly on the smartphone. Founder Tim Westergren attests that it ‘has doubled our new registered listener growth’” (Gauntt 2006). Rock and roll.

There are so many things that can be done through a cellular phone – from broadcasting live TV to sending virtually anything through a text message. Speaking of TV – see my previous blog – record labels could purchase their own channels to promote new music videos from their artists. Cellular users would be able to subscribe to specific channels geared toward the genre of music they enjoy, and new artists will be promoted this way. The possibilities are endless…

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