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I am Infatuated with Electronic Ink! November 5, 2008

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The first Esquire cover, 1933. They've come a long way!

The first Esquire cover, 1933.

After first discovering electronic ink through a classmate’s posting, I was so impressed with the idea I had to find out more. It seems as if this method of eye-catching advertising is not yet cost-effective, but with some work, it could very well be in the future. Esquire magazine used the technology in their recent 75th anniversary edition, and definitely caught the attention of the audience.


Displays may use this technology – which can be solar powered (bonus) – to catch the eyes of consumers. Flash and flair usually works, and in this case it may be no different. Picture a display that includes video images and sound right in the grocery store! That would certainly catch my eye and entice me to check out the product.

According to the Esquire Web site, the electronic ink cover took more than a year to develop. The covers were hand-assembled and then shipped to several different locations for finishing. As I mentioned above, this method of marketing is not yet cost-effective but I think it may be accessible in the future.

This technology mimics the appearance of regular ink on paper but the images change and move as a video would. However, e-paper – the substance that the electronic ink is displayed on – seems to lack strong color reproduction.

Electronic billboards are another technology that is catching on. These flashy items that line highways are certainly intriguing; I know whenever I drive passed one I have to look. The electronic billboards may be dangerous to drivers, but states are passing ordinances regarding safety rules. It seems to me that electronic advertising is the way of the future, and the quality will continue to improve.