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There’s a Rainbow of Choice Out There December 17, 2008

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Nowadays, graphic design and Web design go hand-in-hand; you would be102706_fallcolors2 hard pressed to find a print designer who has not at least dabbled in Internet workings. With so many color choices out there, how do you determine which will work best for your product? In my opinion, the colors chosen should reflect what is being promoted; if you’re selling a Gibson to grungy rockers, go for the dark red and black scheme with a metal edge. If you’re selling wheatgrass seeds to raw foodies, go green! Colors can certainly help promote a product and give a Web site the feel you want.

Did you know that the color orange tends to cheapen things? According to an article on Cyberindian.com, “Importance of Color in Web Design”, orange “tends to make more expensive products seem affordable and suitable for everyone, almost like a natural sales pitch” (Wilder n.d.) Think about all of the orange logos out there – one in particular, Home Depot, stands out – and I associate this company with good deals. Coincidence? I think not.

How about blue… this color, one of the most popular out there, supposedly increases trust. “Blue represents calm, stability, hope, wisdom and generosity. People inherently trust blue websites faster. Add blue text and people will retain more information from your site. Combine blue, purple and white and you have nobility” (Wilder n.d.). Red raises the heart rate; yellow is spiritual but tends to make babies cry and adults angry. So – where to start?

Think about your product and whom you are targeting. Colors can become associated with brands very easily… Barbie equals pink, McDonalds equals gold(en arches), Target equals red and white. Do you want your product to appear rich and elite or affordable for everyone? There are so many directions to consider it can almost be overwhelming. According to our week 8 lesson in class, Web sites are a “visual medium, and the ways in which words and images work together can greatly affect the messages being presented as well as the experience of the visitor” (Ramos 2008). Use a trial and error method to test many different color combinations in order to find what works best for your product, for you, and for your target audience.

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