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I *heart* Amazon.com December 20, 2008

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I’ll admit that when I get bored, I tend to procrastinate… a lot. There’s just so many hours inamazon a day one can spend on Facebook, so one of the other sites I turn to is Amazon.com. I absolutely love to read, and this site offers literally any piece of literature you can think of. Many of the books have online excerpts available for browsing, and this is a great way to pass the time while actually becoming smarter (depending on what one reads, of course).

This is more of a tribute post, I suppose, as I’m in ‘love’ with Amazon.com. After analyzing several Web sites for content and design for class, I have to say that this one passed all of the ‘tests’ with flying colors.

I chose to explore this site because it integrates many forms of marketing without being overwhelming. The site design is excellent, and products are easy to search for. Links are listed on the left and a prominent search bar is displayed across the top of the site. I also like the recommendations that are personalized according to what one purchases. Very clever!

Among the many books I’ve purchased through this site, I’ll admit I’ve also bought other items such as shoes and food – imagine buying food at Amazon.com! This Web site is literally a one stop shopping Mecca and it’s amazing. As a marketing professional, I have to say that Amazon.com is an all-inclusive site that appeals to all demographic segments. If you need to buy something, you’re more than likely to find it there.